Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery

The Palm Coast Women's Center offers minimally invasive treatment options for nearly all gynecologic conditions. The best treatment option in every case is the one that offers a long-term solution or cure for your condition with the fewest complications, side effects, and the least interference with your life.

Minimally invasive surgery means using tiny incisions so you have less pain, less scarring, shorter hospital stays, and faster recovery. In fact, 90% of our surgical patients return home the same day. And most importantly, the outcomes are documented in medical studies to be better than standard laparoscopic surgery or open surgery. You get back to your life more quickly and with less pain.

Benefits of Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery

• Less pain: for only a brief time compared to longer times for standard laparscopic surgery and even longer for open surgery.

• Tiny scars: two 5 mm incisions for two port procedures for a total of 10 mm (1/2 inch) of incisions versus a total of 30 mm (1.5 inch) of incisions for standard laparoscopy and up to 100 to 150 mm (6 – 7 inches) of incisions for open surgery.

• Reduced ‘down time”: Recuperation generally takes from two to ten days versus weeks to months with open procedures. Decreased blood loss with laparoscopy avoids the need for blood transfusions, and also prevents fatigue.

• High Risk Cases are Treatable: Patients with multiple prior surgeries or conditions thought to be only treatable with open procedures can be completed with advanced laparoscopic techniques.

• Malignant Cases are Treatable: Patients with cancer of the uterus, cervix, and ovary are often good candidates for laparoscopic procedures. These patients can avoid many of the major complications associated with radical open procedures, and if needed can begin chemotherapy or radiation therapy much faster, thereby increasing their chances for cure.

• Insurance Eligibility: Insurance companies and managed care reimburse minimally invasive surgery with no problem. These procedures have been shown to provide equal or better patient outcomes, reduces hospital stay, reduced infection and morbidity, and lower cost.

We encourage you to review information related to your condition and invite you to make an appointment to discuss your condition with the Palm Coast Women's Center’s talented professionals. We will review all possible treatment options with you and help you determine the best plan for your condition, lifestyle and health.

An informed patient makes the best choices for their healthcare.

We invite you to become an informed patient and encourage you to thoroughly discuss your medical condition with your physician at the Palm Coast Women's Center.

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